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Search Engine Optimization


An optimized networked presence of a business that drives traffic and sales is the chief aim of our Search Engine Optimization service.

We are the best SEO company in California, Houston, and Los Angeles. Digie Crew has SEO experts who have vast expertise in adhering to the digital marketing requirements of a diverse business. Furthermore, we would let you obtain an ambitious side by implementing exceptional SEO services.

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Search Engine Optimization page


Our specialists use the most advanced SEO tools and white-hat strategy. Thus, ensuring your site gets the highest traffic. Hence, heightening the sales and promotion of your products and services.


Search Engine Optimization is used to make people visit a certain website while ensuring the site appears on the first page whenever it is searched. It could be an effective tool for the social promotion of your web site. Simply, it means making certain amends in your site's design and content to make it look more attractive to a search engine.
Likewise, companies use SEO as a means for ranking high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Yet it is nothing without the usage of keywords. They are the most essential element for making the SEO, successful.

What we offer

On Page SEO

Refers to the On-page factors of the website, which includes Title and Meta tags creation, anchor text optimization, etc.

Off Page SEO

Activities that serve Article Submissions, Press Release submissions, Classified Submissions, Social Book-marking, Blog Submissions, RSS Submissions, etc.

Link Building

As part of SEO, we will place your website link to the other related websites so the Google bots will know that you are been linked with other webmasters.

Blog Writing

When it comes to SEO it all boils down to Content. Writing blogs and sharing it will boost the website ranking.

Article Writing

Feeding the quality content to the users through relevant article sharing sites fetches the traffic you need.

Traffic Analysis

Measuring the flow of traffic to the website on a regular interval gives the best bang for your buck.

Content Marketing

Writing unique content and syndicating it to relevant third-party place increases the quality of visitors.

Keyword Analysis

Finalizing the top keywords related to your business enhance the flow of traffic to your website.


Therefore, we provide full time devoted SEO experts:

  1. Who understands your brand and its promotional requirements
  2. Generate complete and proactive digital marketing operations
  3. Help you get flawless quality SEO services at competitive prices.

Connect with us to take the maximum benefits of our experts’ advice and skill.

With our comprehensive experience of over a decade, we can help you enhance your brand distinctness. We even ensure you to be time and money saving and even exceed your marketing expectations.

SEO Experts


The definition may seem easy, but in practice, it is a bit complicated. However, excelling in the same is non-complex. We are the most trusted SEO company in Los Angeles. Get your site optimized by using these factors for productive results.

Organic Traffic

This is one of the most crucial factors in this process. Above all, you might be wondering what exactly organic traffic is? It means when people visit your website, page, or blog through search engines only. Organic traffic is the reverse of paid traffic, which represents the visits caused by paid ads. It is essential because it improves website trust and this has several additional benefits.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an internet advertising term used in network traffic analysis. It is referred to as the percentage of how many people visited your site and left without taking any action. As an unspoken rule, the bounce rate on a scale of 26 to 40 percent is desirable. Percentage over 70 is inadequate for anything except for blogs, news, events, etc.

Organic CTR

First of all, the organic click-through rate is the proportion of some people seeing your website through search results divided by several people clicking your website. It is based on a ranking position. Furthermore, it is also affected by a result's title tag, description, URL, and appearance of Rich Snippets. Above all good CTR is where the characters of Title Tags are between 15 to 40.

Page Speed

Although as the name suggests, page speed is another vital factor or metric. If your page’s loading speed is not quick enough, the visitor will exit your site. Though this factor is not as important as the others, it affects the user experience in one way or the other. And customers are not likely to re-visit your site if it takes a lot of time to load.

Digital excellence begins with a world class aesthetic website & ignites fire with excellent online marketing. Let’s connect to discuss !