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Online Reputation Management

As world is set of multiple brains, multiple thinkers, multiple writers, and multiple critiques. At one point of time, it is beyond the capacity of the marketers to control their thoughts, negative, irrelevant comments, which can harm the branding and reputation of the establishment. So, to overcome this setback, we have a tool with the name ORM i.e. Online Reputation Management; it plays an effective role to minimize the risk of cyber hazards and aggressive online behavior of internet users. ORM manages the posts, comments and feedback of the Marketers as per situation demands. Social media monitoring is a tool which helps them to keep everything under control.

There are following steps to be incorporated for effective use of ORM

Marketers can set up Google alerts
Marketers need to be transparent and ethical in business
Marketers should accept all feedback and comments positively without any prejudice
Marketers should reply the queries promptly without much delay and in stipulated time period
ORM services

Our ORM services


Constantly checking all reviews for any bad/negative comment and reaching out to the review writer for setting the right expectations and clearing all issues.


Setting up automation for customer’s feedback and ratings, ensuring every customer is heard for and developing the best possible rating and reviews online.


Recovering lost clients and customers is the most needed activity for ORM. Reaching out and reminding them that we are here for them has always worked.


Many agencies say they can remove rip-off reviews and various other bad reviews online. But after $$$$, truly they never go off. Resolving them is the only option.

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